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eXerGlobal - a short introduction (1:36)

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Give a Gift

Give someone a gift!
It's super easy and the gift reaches the recipient right away. Watch the short instructional movie and see exactly how to do it. Choose from the products in the Gift Shop » and pay from your eXer Wallet.


Betala med Swish

Betala på eXer Global med Swish, via sajten BTCX.SE
Den här instruktionsfilmen visar exakt hur ni gör. Det är en steg-för-steg-guide som går igenom hela förloppet. Observera att det endast gäller i Sverige med BankID.

Please note that it only applies in Sweden with BankID


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The ViRiDi coin is a proof of stake coin, which means it has a real value behind it, in this case medical Cannabis cultivated and sold in Switzerland. In our soon to come ICO (Initial Coin Offering) you will be able to invest in ViRiDi coins, with underlying value in the future requirement to invest in mother plants using ViRiDi coins as a payment.
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October 2018

Marijuana plantage in Schweiz

Below are some of our plantages and properties in Switzerland. Invest in ViRiDi and get parts in the profit of our crops. This is a great opportunity to join us. Note! There are not many ViRiDi coins left to buy - so what are you waiting for? » Invest Now

Interior - Second floor

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Interior - Third floor

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